Help with the code

Get involved in an exciting open source project!

The toolkit is being developed as an open source project, with the code on Github.

It is being written using the technologies of Ruby on RailsPostgreSQL, and jQuery.

Automated deployment is available, in the form of our Chef repository which installs the site.

Issues and bugs

The list of issues and bugs is on Github, and we welcome any efforts to work through known bugs or to contribute knowledge to existing ones.

Getting started

We recommend that you create an Ubuntu 14.04 Virtual Machine (e.g. using VirtualBox), install Git (apt-get install git), and then clone the cyclescape-chef automated deployment repository. Then just follow the instructions, which will set up the software, database, and all depedencies.

Do post a message on the mailing list (see below), and we'll do our best to help get you going.

Development mailing list

A public e-mail list for the project, which anyone is welcome to join, is at:

Original specification, outlining the ideas behind the project

The original specification describes many of the ideas behind the project, and formed the basis of the substantial initial development. Some of the modules outlined in the spec have not yet been implemented, so we welcome any efforts to add these.

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