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  1. Hi.
    I'm looking at cyclescape with a view to encouraging the St Albans Cycle campaign to use it as a campaigning tool for all the usual reasons about efficiency, mapping etc.
    I've set myself up as a user but I'm having real trouble recording locations in IE8, and for some reason the feedback feature isn't working for me.
    For locations this is what I do:
    click on add new location
    enter my home postcode, click find.
    click on the point icon, select my home, change the category dropdown to home and clcik create new location.
    Nothing happens, and I'm returned to a nation level zoom with the message 'Location can't be blank' displayed in red above the map.
    I've triend this several times with the same result.
    What am I doing wrong? Please help...

  2. This should all be working as of a while ago now - do let us know if you still have any difficulties.

    The site is still in 'open beta' as there are a number of things being worked on still.

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