December review

Here's a quick report prior to the downing of tools for the Christmas holiday.

Since our last report two weeks ago, the following items have been implemented:

  • Library notes and document upload implemented.
  • Thread messages can be replied to by e-mail.
  • A user can set the locations and areas they are interested in, such as their home or route to work.
  • Tagging of issues, threads, and library items is possible.
  • Users can submit feedback from the site.
  • Issues can be voted up and down to indicate popularity.
  • Users can prioritise individual threads (each of which is a discussion on an issue, and an issue may have many threads).

Those with technical interests can see the great progress our developers Andy and Andrew are making, in our codebase, which is open source.

Our developers have documented bugs and contributed patches to other open source projects that we use. This includes submitting a crash bug report to the core Ruby language implementors (now fixed), a minor patch accepted by the Phusion Passenger team whose software powers many Rails deployments, and several bugs with fixes for the Chef deployment system.

New design work from Supercool has continued to come in, and we are plugging this into the code as fast as we can - though there's lots of other things to sort out too!

Here's some of the design latest work, though we are continuing to iterate work on the design and its implementation:


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