Deadline management improvements

One of Cyclescape's features to help cycle campaign members is the ability to add a deadline/date as a type of message posting.

We've made some improvements to make better use of these postings.

In case you didn't know, your 'My Cyclescape' page has a listing of all the deadlines/dates in the threads you are subscribed to. So it's easy to get an overview of what's coming up:

Deadlines listing

Firstly, we've added an iCal feed, so that if you use a calendaring system like Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook, etc., you can have these events appear automatically in your calendar.

In most systems you can click on the orange iCal link in the top-right to add the calendar, or for web-based systems like Google Calendar, right-click and choose 'Copy link', then add that web address in the relevant part of the calendar system's interface.

If you have e-mail enabled, each deadline/date e-mail will now include an iCal attachment for that deadline/date.

Another improvement is that you can now specify a time, rather than purely just a day. This is particularly helpful if you're using the calendar integration, to avoid full days appearing.

Set a deadline

Lastly, for e-mail users, Cyclescape now also sends out a reminder e-mails a day or two before a deadline, as mentioned in our previous blog post:

Reminder e-mails

Improvements we plan to add next are some instructions for different calendaring systems, better support for iCal with Outlook (which is known to have bugs relating to multiple iCal entries), optional notifications by SMS, reminder notifications for non-e-mail users, and time range support.

This work to facilitate work by local cycling advocates has been possible thanks to grant support from the Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation. Thanks also to our developer, Nikolai!

2 thoughts on “Deadline management improvements

  1. First time back here for a while and good to see some useful improvements. One of the key issues for us is how to manage the status of an issue. Also to characterise the Type (major/minor, aspiration/implementation, high/low impact). In particular, although we've hardly used it, we're already suffering from clutter on out of date and expired issues.

    Clearly the workflow of issues will be significantly different for each group but some kind of flexible framework seems essential. The Bristol Traffic Choices site is seriously interesting with a different but overlapping purpose

    Something like: New/Reported <--> In Review <--> Aspiration <--> Closed

  2. Eric - just to say that, as of a week or two ago, there is a new "Close this thread" button at the end of each thread page - does that do some of what you need?

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