We need a name for our campaigning toolkit!

Since we won £27,000 for the development of our campaigning toolkit we've been pondering what to call it.

The themes we want to capture in the name are:

  • The idea of a central place where cycle users around the UK can submit problems they encounter on the street network
  • A central place to facilitate campaigning
  • Cycling (!)
  • Collaborative
  • Well-informed campaigning
  • Constructive and forceful debate but without being adversarial
  • Improving our streets and routes
  • Keeping track of all the problems and being able to manage them effectively
  • The ability to say "I'll report it on the … website" and write "Go to … to report/fix a problem"
  • Name needs to be short and catchy - long names are harder to type in

Here are some initial ideas we've had, though not all are usable names - it was just a brainstorm. We're not really happy with any of them. Can you help suggest a catchy name? Leave a comment below or drop us a line.

  • Helping campaigners campaign …
  • BetterBiking
  • CycleStars
  • CityRevolution
  • CyclingSorted
  • CycleTrac
  • CycleTicks
  • Complain.com
  • Cyclocracy
  • Cyclington
  • HelpThem2HelpUs
  • CyclingUpTheAgenda
  • CycleTherapy
  • CycleTraction
  • CycleActive
  • CycleActivist
  • Cyclamity
  • CycleUnison
  • CyclingIntelligence
  • CycleLand
  • PeletonPeople
  • CyclingBestPractice
  • PracticalPeople
  • CycleMyths
  • CycleBugs
  • CycleLeague
  • CycleLeaders
  • RideLeader
  • BikePatch
  • BikeFettling
  • BikePatch
  • Agenda4Change
  • PathRoute
  • RidePatch
  • PatchNetwork
  • PathStreets
  • StreetPatch
  • StreetStrategy
  • Strategy4Streets
  • StreetFocus
  • RouteStrategy
  • RouteToCommute
  • RouteShare
  • StreetLever
  • CrowdedStreets
  • CrowdedOut
  • StreetCrowd
  • StreetVision
  • CycleTool
  • ToolForStreets
  • StreetsAhead
  • FeasibleAndDesirable
  • Note>Log>Act
  • StreetsShared
  • OnRampForCampaigners
  • Vent
  • CyclingSoldiers
  • CycleMission
  • CrowdsourcingCyclingIssues
  • CycleLinks
  • Collaborate

29 thoughts on “We need a name for our campaigning toolkit!

  1. Cycling Can Work?
    FixMyRide/FixMyCycle came to mind or something along those lines, but could be too easily thought to have a connection with My Society's website of FixMyStreet etc. To that a connection would be bad for either side, just you are not MySociety. StreetFix sounds good and doesn't have this problem, but do you want more cycle related? CycleFix (ha ha, that sounds like I have to get my 'fix' of cycling to please an addiction!)
    From your list I like CyclingSorted (sounds catchy, almost as if I recognise it). I didn't like RidePatch/BikePatch but CyclePatch(unlisted) could work. I like CycleLeaders and maybe CycleLand. I like CycleMission and BikeVision (and I didn't mean to put a rhyme together, err how about CycleMission-BikeVision as a full name?).
    Obviously this comment is all just my thoughts and personal brain storm for you. Hope it's length doesn't make it sound like I'm trying to have some authoritive say on the name.

  2. something which has a bit of vision in it, something about the place we are trying to get to...
    not so constructive I know 🙂 I'll keep thinking...
    DreamStreets is my favourite so far.
    Already taken but I love the image that 'Living Streets' conjures up.
    Will you allow people to report issues which aren't strictly cycling related? (e.g. on the pavement?)

  3. really liking CycleBugs the more I think about it. and goes nicely with CycleStreets. someone peering over my shoulder really likes Spoke.

  4. just noticed StreetsAhead. love that one. even more than CycleBugs although that has such nice branding possibilities 🙂

  5. An obvious one (Hub) is overused, unfotunately it will become a little less used with the closure of The Hub at Glentress, a sad amd needless loss.  I liked the idea of Cranks but too open to ridicule. My suggestion is Headset.

  6. Ben K. says (via the CycleStreets Feedback button):

    Suggestion for name for campaigning toolkit:


    Cheers, Ben

  7. Dave L suggested, via e-mail:


    Got a great name (I think, for the campaign)
    What do you think? Obviously bike-related, but also describes what the user does, and what the campaign is all about - communication.
  8. Here's a few names that I've thought up:
    - CyclePlan
    - CycleFix
    - CycleEnable
    - CyclEnable (Perhaps make something of the shared "e").
    - CycleSolutions
    - CrowdsourcingCyclingSolutions (Variation on your CrowdsourcingCyclingIssues, but making it read more positively)
    - Cyclable
    - CycleShare

  9. Andrew G suggested, via the CycleStreets feedback system:


    Name suggestion: cycleops (play on the word cyclops)
    Seems appropriate as you want to offer a single point for cyclists to log
    problems they experience.
  10. Barbara S suggested, via the CycleStreets feedback system:

    You asked for suggestions for a name for your toolkit site. 

    'Headset' maybe?

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